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Broadcast Weather Solutions is pleased to announce a way to dramatically improve the look and feel of your talent tape, weather graphics and overall weather presence. Research has shown that an updated, clean and easily understood talent tape could provide the advantage when looking to break into a higher market. The exclusive Talent Analysis will also provide specific, customized information on the weather and news industry and suggestions on how to enhance your overall weather presentation.

Most news consultants and talent agencies broad-brush the weather and never really focus on the overall presentation or help with industry information.

Broadcast Weather Solutions is one of the only consulting companies that focuses solely on weather/weather talent and provides unbiased reports for clients looking to increase their overall weather presence.

Why not try a program that focuses on your entire weather presence.

The Weather Talent Analysis Program can be tailored to fit your needs, both on a professional & cost basis. Some of the options….

  • A Talent Analysis.
  • A Presentation Analysis including forecast information, transitions, and weather content.
  • A Graphical Analysis including weather imagery, maps, logos, banners and forecast backgrounds.
  • Specific research information on the weather and news industry.
  • Guidance and consulting on how to improve your weather presence and in turn move up in market size.

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